Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gas For (Gang) Members Only

One local gas station has stopped selling gas to the general public. They say they are now a "private gas club" for members only. If you are not on their list you can't buy gas. Anyone who asks to become a member is told that the waiting list is full. This station also has a group of new security guards there to prevent theft and vandalism.

I don't think gas stations are required to sell gas to everyone, and they are free to change their business plan if they want to. However, quite a few people in this gas club, and all of the new security guards (who do not wear uniforms) are known gang members. I think what really happened is that the gang hijacked this station and turned it into their own private reserve of fuel. They probably intimidated or bribed the owners into going along with the plan.

Legitimate or not, I wonder if these "private gas clubs" will be the wave of the future.

[Note: This is a World Without Oil post, and it is a work of fiction.]

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