Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hybrid Taxis, Biodiesel, Gas Tax

News roundup:

New York will replace all taxis with hybrid vehicles.

In Portland, OR, all diesel sold must be at least 5 percent biodiesel by Aug 15, and all gasoline must be at least 10 percent ethanol by Nov. 1. "More than 600 City of Portland vehicles currently use B99 — which is more than 99 percent biodiesel." Read more.

Maine is increasing their gas tax. But some say it still won't provide enough money to fund repair of roads and bridges.

Environmentally friendly skyscraper?


Shannon said...

Environmentally friendly is good, but I still wouldn't want to be in an elevator 40 stories up when the power goes out...


Tom said...

Good point, elevators are not a great thing any more.