Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Off Switch

(Photo by Andrew Huff - Creative Commons, retouched by ironmonkey)

Yesterday I turned off my heating/cooling system. This is a mild part of the year in Oregon, so in theory that should not be a major issue. But I have to tell you, of all the things I've done since the World Without Oil crisis began, psychologically this was the hardest. It felt like giving up, in a way.

Try it though -- it may not be as bad as you imagine. Yes, it is chilly in the morning. But a hot cup of tea or coffe takes care of that. By afternoon the temperature is reasonable. It made me realize that I spend considerable energy for a relatively small amount of comfort, for the short time between when I wake up and when I leave for work. Is it essential? No.

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gracesmom said...

We are all wearing layers here at Camp Hampster. Uncle Frank's been cutting wood, so we haven't had to run the furnace yet. I dread the winter though, and the real cold.

I'm imagining a scene like the one I read about when I was a kid, where Pa Ingalls comes in and shovels a pile of snow off of Laura and Mary's bed...