Sunday, May 13, 2007

Iraq Oil Workers Strike

The Los Angeles Times says, "the oil law that U.S. officials call vital to ending Iraq's civil war is in serious trouble among Iraqi lawmakers . . ." The same article goes on to say that "Some of the fiercest opposition has come from oil workers, who threatened to go on strike this week to protest the legislation."

An Oil Change International article says (emphasis added):

Iraq’s largest oil workers’ trade union will strike tomorrow, in protest at the controversial oil law currently being considered by the Iraqi parliament. The move threatens to stop all oil exports from Iraq.

The oil law proposes giving multinational companies the primary role in developing Iraq’s huge untapped oilfields, under contracts lasting up to 30 years. Oil production in Iraq, like in most of the Middle East, has been in the public sector since the 1970s.
This will be another serious blow to the world energy crisis. How long will this strike last? Will U.S. forces take some action to restore the flow of oil?

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